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Hands-On Training Workshops

The goal of the intensive hands-on training workshops is to teach attendees the fundamentals of in vitro assays including choosing the appropriate assays, laboratory techniques, data interpretation and application to toxicological end points. Attendees will be armed with valuable skills and experience to bring back to their own labs. This training is applicable for scientists working in many disciplines including: Product Safety, Product Development, Industrial Hygiene, Mechanistic Studies.

The flagship training workshop offered by IIVS each year is the “Practical Methods for In Vitro Toxicology Workshop”. Invited speakers from throughout the field participate with IIVS to provide the lecture portion of the workshop. Detailed aspects of assay design and application are discussed with course participants for approximately half of each day. The remainder of each day is dedicated to hands-on training in these methods. IIVS biologists work with small groups of participants to maximize the one-on-one interaction while in the lab.

These workshops can also be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies or regulatory groups. Please contact us to develop a program specific for your interests.

Upcoming Workshops